JOSA is the not-for-profit organisation that works for a better Jordan through openness in technology.

Who we are

The Jordan Open Source Association (JOSA) is a non-profit organisation based in Amman, Jordan. The association is among the few non-profits registered under the Jordan Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship.

JOSA’s mission is to promote open source principles for the good of the Jordanian society. We believe that information that is non-personal – whether it’s software code, hardware design blueprints, data, network protocols and architecture, content – should be free for everyone to view, use, share, and modify. Our belief also holds that information that is personal should be protected within legal and technological frameworks. Access to the modern Web should likewise remain open.





An Awesome Community


Our association has been active since 2011, working across the country and across sectors to achieve its mission. Our advocacy and training efforts reach students and teachers, government bodies, ICT professionals, and citizens more broadly. We have managed to make a considerable impact on ICT policies in Jordan, promoting fairer and privacy-preserving policies.

We advance our mission through a variety of activities and initiatives which focus on open source technologies, open knowledge, open government, and the rights of Jordanians in the digital world. To that end, JOSA cooperates with a multitude of local and international organisations. JOSA also leads research and development projects related to its mission in Jordan and the region.

We’re aware that expressions like “open source” and “digital rights” are not common in Jordan and the region, and it’s our duty to change that.

We’re lucky to be surrounded by a large community of some of the smartest Jordanians, supporting us either in our offline activities or our online work. To join our community, sign up through our Members’ hub.



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